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Client References

  • “You are by far, the best attorney I have encountered in all my years in the music business. I promise to keep you updated on everything, and you can bet the house, that we will be doing business again, in the near future! Thanks for being thorough as well as patient, throughout the entire process.”

    Joseph Goodman, artist and song writer: credits include song “Dope Boy” for Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns film and song sold to Snoop Dogg.

  • "It has been wonderful working with Neil. I tend to be a little bit on the frantic side, and his calm, efficient and profession manner has taken a lot of worry off my mind. Bottom line, I trust him to represent my best interests at all times."

    - Steve Horowitz, composer/president (The Code International INC.)
    Grammy Award Winner and composer of score for hit film "Super Size Me"

  • "Dear Neil,
    Kudos to you! Thank you so very much for structuring a good deal for me, and for skillfully guiding me with such ease into the complex world of licensing. Your astute knowledge and understanding of intellectual property law, patient explanations of the ins and outs of trademarking and copyrighting, your expert negotiating with my now licensee, along with your generosity of spirit, made my transition from artist to licensor a smooth one. From start to finish, it was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to having you by my side in the next phase."

    - Ricki Arno, Artist, Rosie’s Creations, Inc.

  • "Neil's balanced approach, insight and honesty have helped me immeasurably over the past two years, as I grew in my business. Neil is more than a lawyer. He is my trusted advisor."

    - Janice Taylor, Founder, Our Lady of Weight Loss

  • "I have known and worked with Neil Burstein for more than fifteen years on the faculty of AWED (American Women's Economic Development Corporation), a not-for-profit organization that trains women entrepreneurs how to start, manage and grow their businesses.

    I serve on the board of this 27 year old organization and know first hand how vital his efforts have been in providing our students with a first class education in general Business Law and Intellectual Property Law. His seminars always receive high marks from his students and he often follows up with individual counseling sessions to help work through specific legal issues that plague every business startup. His patience, expertise and practical approach to business and legal problems have earned him the respect of all who attend his classes and all of us who strive to maintain AWED's leadership in Entrepreneurial Training.

    On a personal note, I have personally enjoyed working with Neil and find him to be very practical, thorough and realistic in his approach to business problems. He's easy to be with, fun to work with and he produces results. What a great combination!"

    - Myron I. Blumenfeld, Management Consultant

  • "Dear Neil,
    I am writing to thank you for all your good counsel, sage advice and seemingly limitless patience in my book contract negotiations with Jossey-Bass. I look forward to continuing to rely upon all of the above on future projects.
    It has been a pleasure working with you. It is very reassuring to know that as new projects and prospects present themselves you will be there helping me avoid the myriad legal pitfalls."

    - Art Feinglass, President Access Communications, Inc

  • "As a literary agent working with authors in the non-fiction subject areas of business, current events, politics, science, and history, I'm looking for professional partners who understand the unique nature and potential complexities of publishing contracts. After all, book contracts are concerned not only with financial incentives and offers over time but with the delicate and vital issue of copyright law. Neil Burstein has delivered smart and insightful advice for me and my clients informed by his sharp command of intellectual property law. As this legal landscape continues to change shape, I'm pleased to have Neil on my team."

    - William Lippincott, Lippincott McQuilkin & Co

  • "Neil, I just want you to know how much I appreciate having you on my team. You’ve helped me break into an area I knew nothing about. It started with trademarking my workshop title: Overcoming Underearning. You got that done, and you made it so easy. I’ve continued seeking your advice and support regarding licensing my material. As an author, it had long been my dream to pursue licensing. It wasn’t until I met you that I figured how to make it happen. Your savvy guidance, your help with contract development, and your astute negotiation skills has made a huge difference in my confidence, my success, and my profit margins!
    Thank you so much for everything. You’re a pleasure to work with."

    - Barbara Stanny, Author: Prince Charming Isn’t Coming: How Women Get Smart About Money (Penguin); Secrets of Six-figure Women: Surprising Strategies to Up Your Earnings and Change Your Life (HarperCollins)

  • "It’s not easy to like a lawyer, but I like this one! When I call Neil he always gives me the feeling that he is working on my deals. Not worried about some Golf tee time he has in an hour, or a bigger client that has a bigger deal going and when it comes to getting it down on paper . . . this is a guy knows how to write a brief and make it brief! but good.
    In a word, no excuses from this lawyer, just results!"

    - Tony Caio, President (DMA Animation)

  • "I just wanted to send you a note to express my gratitude for your contributions to my book and business. Getting a book deal was one of the more trying experiences of my life. Our contract with McGraw-Hill was complex, as were my demands - placing me in a position where your involvement was critical to our success.

    You handled the situation with the skill and grace that not only resulted in the deal closing quickly, but closing with McGraw-Hill meeting with our demands. In addition, the advice you have given me along the way has proven invaluable. With your help I was able to transform the concepts of my book into a successful business - while maintaining my intellectual property. Thank you for all of your support and friendship."

    - Jason Albanese
    Author: Network Security Illustrated (McGraw-Hill 2003)
    Founder and CEO, SageSecure, LLC

  • "Neil Burstein assists, counsels and performs in order for the deal to work and go forward. What more can one want from an attorney and friend?"

    - Rabbi David Floyd Nesenoff, Film Maker

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